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Online Personals Safety

Keep Your Online Personals Anonymous
The first “don’t” of online personals is, never give out personal information until you are completely confident that the person you are talking to is being 100% genuine with you. Pick up on what he/she is asking of you. Are they really interested in getting to know about you, or getting to know where you live and what your last name is? If you feel that the conversation is headed in that direction, the recommendation is to avoid the person. You could be wrong about them, but don’t take that chance.

Be Honest
Honesty is the best policy for a number of reasons. If you are honest and straightforward about what you want right from the start, you set a precedent of open communication which allows you to ask questions, test the waters, and get to know your online dating partner better.

Ask Lots of Questions Ask any question you may have, the more the better. When you are meeting singles though online personals there is no need to be shy.

From Online Personals to Meeting in Person
Meeting someone in person should only happen after you have spoken to the person on the phone several times. A person’s tone of voice can really be a hint. Also, make sure that you have called the person too so that he/she isn’t the only one with your phone number.

Through email agree on who is going to call whom and when. It may be a good idea to give out your cell phone number rather than your home phone.

End the call on a positive note.

When you decide to meet in person decide on a public place, like a cafe or a restaurant, that’s convenient for the two of you and let a friend know where you are going. A good idea is usually to have a brief meeting, just enough to get an impression of one another and a sense of if you would like to meet again. Again, leave on a positive note and hopefully with a desire to see more of each other.

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