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Here are reviews of some of Matchnet’s dating sites, some of the best dating sites on the Net.
Collegeluv is a singles dating site for college students looking for relationships.. It works by connecting you with students in your college or near by colleges. You could even get a head start by finding out who goes to your college before you even start

“I was so skeptical about the online dating sites at first but as soon as I signed on I became part of this community of American singles across the country. It was wonderful to start meeting people. I didn’t know how specific the search for singles was going to be. But now I know that there is no other way to meet other singles in college”

“College can be hectic as I is. You never know what a person is really looking for so it’s nice to have dating sites like this one, so that you narrow down the singles in college that you are looking for.”
The United Kingdom has been taken over by the singles dating at There are over 15,000 people logged on at certain times making it the top matchmaking website for England. With that many people, your chances of finding a compatible partner are impeccable.

“I was relocating to the UK because of a job. I was able to meet people that lived where I was moving to. I was talking to them on the dating sites weeks before I left and had friends that showed me all the hot spots once I got there.”

“So many profiles from so many singles, Matchnet dating sites had me connected to people from around the world. I learned so much about other cultures and about singles in other countries.”
There are over 20,000 singles dating logged on at one time at this site. American singles are rushing to this website because they know how popular it is. It is full of events for people to go to all in different areas so that your conversations become more than just online chats.

“I was looking to relocate. With American singles I was able to get in touch with people in different areas of the country and find out a lot about different states that I was looking to relocate to. Other sites weren’t as simple.”

“I have lived in Philadelphia my whole life and have not met one person that was marriage material. American singles let me find men in my area with all the right traits to stop the one date experiences I had gone through. The way I did my search of websites was to find the one that had the most American singles profiles”

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