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Horoscope of the month:
You are a little sad and upset about a recent separation from a lover. Thus, you feel heavy and not able to pursue anything. Don’t worry; this is going to end soon. By the end of this week, you are going to meet a very special person. You might not fall in love immediately, but there is a great potential in this meeting. Keep your eyes open and don’t let your sadness make you miss a good love chance.

Dating Tips: The First Date

The following dating tips for the first date follow the “keep it simple” principle, which is a quite often a good route to follow in dating and in general.

First Dates Are Best Kept Brief
When you first start dating a new person it’s best to keep your initial meetings brief. Build up your rapport gradually. Taking small steps at the outset keeps things light and puts less pressure on the two. Try to end the date on a positive note and don’t feel like you have to wait until the conversation putters out.

Look Your Best
Bring the best you out for your date. Make all the necessary preparations (showering, dressing, etc.) ahead of time.

Don’t Stress
The day of your date is not a good time to go out and buy a new outfit. Make the most of what you have and try to relax and be comfortable. A certain amount of excitement and anticipation is always a part of dating. Try to make it work for you. A good principle to go by in all aspects of dating is to keep things simple.

Relax & Have Fun
Whether things are going great or you are not sure that this will work out, try to relax and have fun. Don’t be quick to judge, it might be just a matter of loosening up and getting to know each other a bit better. If you are sure that you are not interested, be polite and bring things to a quick and courteous conclusion.

Keep It Light
This doesn’t mean being superficial. You want to get to know each other better slowly and keep the conversation flowing.

Leave no surprises
The great advantage of online personals is that you can write all the essentials in your profile, for example if you have kids or if you have been married. If you haven’t read each other’s profiles make sure to leave no surprises for later dates – get them out of the way sooner rather than later. Always highlight the positive and never draw attention to flaws whether real or imagined.

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