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The Matchmaking Test

Take this matchmaking test to determine how sharp your matchmaking skills were when you decided to match up with your current dating partner.

  1. With my partner I feel
    a) Completely open
    b) Slightly reserved
    c) Closed off and anxious
  2. We have been dating
    a) for 9 months or more
    b) for 4-8 months or more
    c) less than 4 months

  3. My partner and I
    a) Have lots of common interests
    b) Share a few common interests
    c) Have very different interests

  4. We have
    a) Openly discussed our plans, goals and expectations and we see eye to eye
    b) Not yet ironed out our shared vision of the future
    c) Never talked about our plans and hopes for the future

  5. I feel that we
    a) Understand and are responsive to each other’s needs
    b) Need to improve our handling of our needs
    c) Don’t know what our needs are

  6. When it comes to my partner
    a) I am aware of and accept his/her flaws
    b) I still haven’t found any flaws
    c) I can’t stand his/her flaws

  7. Our sex life
    a) Can’t get any better
    b) Mostly satisfying
    c) There is little sexual attraction and intimacy

  8. On the whole
    a) Our relationship is caring, loving, nurturing and committed
    b) There’s lots of caring and nurturing although I’m not yet sure that we are fully committed
    c) There are lots of destructive elements in our relationship

Matchmaking Test Results
If you answered:

Mostly A
It looks like you’ve done a great matchmaking job. You are compatible and likely have a solid connection.

Mostly B
The relationship seems to be going pretty well so far, though it is not completely clear yet if this is will be a lasting match.

Mostly C
You and your dating partner may have a fresh connection so keep going if it feels right. If you’ve been together for a while you may want to think about where you can improve your romantic life either by moving on or working together to make the proper changes.

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