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Online Dating Safety Tips

In general, online dating is very safe and by following these simple online dating safety tips you will ensure your peace of mind and your security.

Remain Anonymous
One of the benefits of online dating is that you can meet a larger variety of singles than anywhere, communicate simultaneously, and get to know each other in the safety of your home. Never disclose any personal information (such as address, phone number, information) in your profile and be sure that you feel completely comfortable before you give any information to singles you meet online. Never allow anyone to persuade to give over any information if you are not completely comfortable and feel trusting.

Be on Guard
Though most people are who they say they are and online dating sites screen members and ban anyone behaving in appropriately, it’s best to be on guard. Check to see if the information in all of your communication is consistent and that it all feels right to you.

Be Honest and Open
Honesty is the best policy for a number of reasons. If you are honest and straightforward about what you want right from the start, you set a precedent of open communication which allows you to ask questions, test the waters, and get to know your online dating partner better.

Ask Lots of Questions
Ask any question you may have, the more the better. When you are online dating there is no need to be shy.

From Online Dating To Meeting
When you are ready to meet, a good policy is always to have at least one phone conversation before the first meeting. The voice of your online dating partner is another element which will disclose the person to you and will give you either a sense of greater security, safety and interest, or will warn you that this may not be what you had expected.

Making Phone Contact
If you have a cell phone, give that number rather than your home number. Never give your home address before you have met a number of times and feel confidence in your date.

Meeting Your Online Dating Partner
Meet in a public, busy place, in an area you are familiar with like a restaurant, bar or caf and inform a friend of where you will be. Read our dating tips and ideas.

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