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Picture Personals

Dont make the mistakes many people make when attaching photographs to online personals. Choose appropriate photos that show the best of your physical appearance and reflect your personality. Try to appear natural and casual. People are looking for genuine personals of real people.

Men and women perceive photos in a different way. For a man, being fit or having a nice smile plays an important role, whereas for a woman appearing sexy or having a beautiful face helps a great deal.

Since men and women have different perceptions and different needs when it come to personals, we have collected specific tips for each of them.

Men’s Personals

1. No sunglasses
Appearing in a picture with sunglasses is sends a message of lack of self-confidence. Women that open your online personals might think you are trying to hide something. Our eyes always speak about our feelings, state of mind, personality, etc.

2. Dont use photos with friends
Some people thing that attaching photos to their personals, where they appear with friends is cool. However, when sending online personals, people want to present themselves. Introduce yourself to other members, and later on, when you begin to speak more about yourself, they can meet your friends.

3. Avoid showing off muscles
Some men that work out are very proud of their muscles. However, appearing on a gym outfit or clothes that reveal explicitly fitness might seem rather vulgar. Women that send online personals are often looking for gentle and sensitive men. Showing off muscles might give off the impression of a superficial and rather frivolous person.

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