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Horoscope of the month:
Dont let your shyness make you miss this great romance, which is in the air. This special person you fancy is about to confess his love for you. Give him a wink and be responsive to his flirting. In the past, you have missed great opportunities to have a love relationship because of your fears. Dont let this happen again.

Meeting Singles: Some Hotspots

The best ways to meet other singles is by being actively involved in the activities that singles are naturally attracted to – here are some ideas.

Sports Activities Getting out there and being physical is a great way to meet singles and do stuff together. There’s lots of interaction and because you’re involved in physical activity you don’t necessarily have to say much.

Community Centers You’ll find a wide range of events where you can meet singles. Beside sports, community centers offer cultural events, gatherings of all kinds, classes and talks all which can match you up with people sharing similar interests.

Dog Walking Taking your pet out for a walk can be good for the both of you. You’ll get out there on a regular basis and you’ll also have a wonderful excuse to approach or be approached by other pet lovers. It’s healthy, fun and sexy!

Cooking Class People who love food are very passionate and meeting in a culinary environment can be just the thing for making new and strong connections.

Volunteering Many people find volunteering fulfilling in a number of ways. Getting involved in something you like and believe in, helping out others, growing and being expose to new people are all things that singles look for. You can volunteer for a wide range of things from helping the needy to working at a local film festival.

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