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Check out what American singles at American singles. com had to say about this dating site. “I was looking to relocate. With American singles I was able to get in touch with people in different areas of the country and find out a lot about different states that I was looking to relocate to. Other sites weren’t as simple.”

“Love is all I ever wanted. I wanted to find it in any matter, even by going to matchmaking websites. I was a hopeless romantic wasting my romance on people that didn’t appreciate it. Now every time I log on to American singles I am able to romance other woman and get romanced in return.”

“I have lived in Philadelphia my whole life and have not met one person that was marriage material. American singles let me find men in my area with all the right traits to stop the one date experiences I had gone through. The way I did my search of websites was to find the one that had the most American singles profiles”

“Politics is my passion. American singles gave me a chance to talk to women that had the same views as me and made for really interesting conversations. Even when I’m not looking for someone to date, I go on just to talk politics. Not all relationship sites let you do that”

“America is huge. American singles brought all the singles to me and let me choose. They made it easy by taking my profile and matching it up with other profiles so that the results are excellent.”

“I would have never met my wife if it wasn’t for American singles. I just logged on, talked to other singles and met my wife in one of the chat rooms. We talked for hours in our first private conversation and the laughs keep going til today. It’s everything I ever wanted. It’s as if I build her, she’s so perfect for me.”

“I didn’t think that I wanted to fall in love or even get serious with someone. I just really wanted people to talk to. But with all the profiles and people that you meet on American singles, that have so much in common with you, I couldn’t help but fall in love with my current girlfriend. She is everything I ever wanted.”

“I was so paranoid about the online singles dating thing. You hear so many weird stories. American singles calmed my nerves and made it safe and easy for me. I was even able to have anonymous conversations with people until I was ready to reveal my name.”

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