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Horoscope of the month:
Dont let your shyness make you miss this great romance, which is in the air. This special person you fancy is about to confess his love for you. Give him a wink and be responsive to his flirting. In the past, you have missed great opportunities to have a love relationship because of your fears. Dont let this happen again.

Singles 101: Flirting

Flirting is a basic skill that all singles need to develop and the following tips on flirting will help you smoothly and subtly seduce other singles.

  1. Seek Her/Him Out
    Go out of your way to find and talk to, or acknowledge with a smile, the person you are interested in. Pay him/her special attention.
  2. Smile
    There’s nothing more inviting and expressive of your feelings than a sincere smile.
  3. Lock Eyes
    Whether you are standing next to each other, or across the room, try to make eye contact and sustain it for a number of seconds. Make your eye contact intriguing and warm by adding a slight smile.
  4. Dressing and Grooming
    Singles, both men and women start to dress better and pay more attention to their grooming when they are interested in other singles.
  5. Be Attentive and Ask Lots of Questions
    When you are talking with the singles that you are interested in, be attentive to what they are saying and ask questions to show that you are interested and rapt by them. This is, at the same time, communicative, flattering and suggestive.
  6. Subtle Flattery
    Sincere and subtle flattery will get you anywhere. You don’t want to overdo it and appear like a groveling creep (definitely not! If you can’t be subtle, skip the flattery) but showing your awareness and appreciation of the other is very charming and seductive.
  7. Standing Close and Touching
    Standing close is a sure sign of interest. Again, subtlety is key. An accidental touch, or any natural physical contact is also very telling.
  8. Make Your Flirting Brief
    You want to arouse interest and leave them wanting more. Leave on a good note and express your interest in future run-ins or meetings.
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